All of our babies were hand picked with a purpose. We are very particular on where we get our dogs and who we get our dogs from. We look for show quality and champion bloodlines with great temperament and quality health, free from genetic diseases. We have their hearts ,eyes, and patellas checked yearly.  We two options in health guarantees. We have a standard 1 year health guarantee for any life threatening genetic issue. We also have a 5 year conditional health guarantee. Call for details. We choose each breeding pair with temperament in mind. Knowing that an apple doesn't fall too far from it's tree. The puppies definitely reflect the personality  and health of their parents. All of our dogs are so awesome in personality. I have explained a bit about each ones personality, coat and markings below.  All of our dogs are unique and we love each one very much!
 The Queens

Kristine Dobry Rok

"Chrissie Rose"

blenheim cavalier

Meet Mrs Chrissie Rose. This little girl came from Dobry Rok in Poland. She comes from an extensive background of champions. She not only comes from a royal lineage, but she is absolutely Perfect!! She is the absolute desire of my heart. She is the sweetest, cuddliest baby ever! She follows me everywhere. I love it!  Looking forward to seeing the future champions that come from her.

The King's Duchess Returns Home


black and tan cavalier king charles spaniel
This sweet Duchess. She is the daughter of Solomon and Sadie. She is the sweetest baby and loves to go on car rides. She is our travel companion. She loves for anyone to rub her belly and is THE best hugger out there. Just look how stunning she is!!

         Sheeba Arrays     Excellence for The King


Tri color cavalier king charles spaniel
     This is sweet Shae. I love her so much! She has the best personality and is well balanced. She loves to play and cuddle.  She has an extensive champion bloodline. Her grandfather is CH Sheeba Discover Nemo. We picked Shae because of her pedigree, size and sweet disposition. Her awesome temperment, great health, beauty and pedigree will make some top of the line puppies!
   Queen Sheba Travels for the
blenheim cavalier king charles spaniel


         Sheba is our beautiful Blenheim. Our Sheba is so playful and loves to be outside. Although her favorite place to be is in my lap. She is perfecly marked and comes from great champion lines. A few champions in her pedigree are CH Barco Lasting Legacy O'Boyo, CH Dark Boyo and CH Curell Pretty Girl. She has a great temperament and healthy line. She also has a very soft beautiful coat. 

       Selah is our Solomon's favorite. It's like they are married. They love each other! Selah is beautiful. She has a very soft solid ruby coat with gorgeous "boots". She loves to be pet. She makes soft noises almost like a purr when you pet her. It's so cute! Before she goes out to play she has to get lovin from us first then she goes outside. It's precious!!

         Princess Selah Girl

            "Selah or La La"

ruby cavalier king charles spaniel

      Sadie is Selah's sister. She is a solid black & tan. Sadie is our "quiet girl". We say if she were human she would only speak when spoken to. She will come lay by you and look straight ahead so that you will notice her. It's so cute! She has a very sweet personality and loves to shake hands. Sadie also has a beautiful coat with nice "boots". She is perfectly marked and makes perfectly marked puppies. Some of her puppies have gone to show homes. 

              Princess Sadie Baby


black and tan cavalier king charles spaniel
The Kings

             King Solomon Paul


ruby cavalier

      Solomon is definitely the King of the pack. He keeps everyone in line and takes care of them. He is the leader in chasing squirrels, when they eat and how much they eat. :) He goes around loving on all the others like a dad. He loves attention and demands it when he feels others are getting more. He is super outgoing and loves to meet new people. He is so handsome! He has a solid rich ruby coat with a long flowing tail and a perfect face with those classic puppy dog eyes. He comes from great healthy lines like Byermoor, Trenaul, Elm Mott and Homerbrent! There are current champions in his pedigree that aren't updated on pedigree. A few champions in his pedigree are CH Byermoor Latraviata, CH Homerbrent Expression, CH Bembridge Rainbow, UK CH 1988 Craigowl Replica, just to name a few. He is awesome in Agility and loves it.

Silas Sings Praises for The King


blenheim cavalier king charles spaniel

 Meet Silas! The sweetest temperament in the entire universe!!I searched for this little man for two years! We have big plans for this little boy. The UK CH Homerbrent Expression, the Ireland CH Tregarron My Wish Come True, CH Loranka's Show Stealer, CH Sandel's Pride of Monarch are in his pedigree, just to name a few.  He has really developed into a stunning young man.