I am compiling healing testimonies that I have seen and experienced. I'll be adding lots more. I will try to keep it in  order in which they happened. I've been serving the Lord for almost 11 years now and I've seen Him do so much in those short years. My purpose is to bring hope, faith and expectation for miracles in your own life. From one real person to another. I pray that you see God as not just someone who is able to heal , but wants to heal and work a miracle in YOUR life. God is head over heels in love with you just waiting for us to believe Him and His word to work on our behalf. If you want someone to agree with you in prayer you don't have to get a puppy from us for that. Healing is free to you , Jesus already paid the price. So please feel free to call, email or text us with your prayer request. And of course when you get your break through please let us know so we can celebrate with you!!! I could even put your story here. :)
Hold on I've got to do this..
This is a story from when I was in bible school at the River Bible Institute in Tampa Florida. One night my friends and I were coming out of church meeting. We were going to eat (isn't that what you are suppose to do?) :) Anyway there was a man in a wheel chair with extremely thin legs, no muscle at all, rolling across the parking lot. My friend began praying for him, loudly. So loud the entire parking lot was watching . I saw a large family reunion standing in the parking lot and went to go tell them about Jesus. After getting the large group of people saved I ran over to my friend praying for the man. I led him to the Lord and then said quietly to myself "Lord we need your healing power". I am sure no body heard me except the Lord. The big group of people were watching the whole thing and I so desperately wanted them to know that God was real. Especially after getting saved and giving their hearts to Him. All of a sudden the man in the wheel chair said "hold on I have got to do this". He put his wheel chair brakes on and proceeded to stand up. After standing he then began to take a small step, then another, and another. Until he was full fledged walking completely normal. The parking lot erupted!! My friends and I were so excited! We were jumping up and down screaming. This was the mopst amazing thing I had ever seen in person. Then I had a thought. I needed to find out how long he had been in the wheel chair. So I asked him how long he had been bound to a wheel chair and he said "Since birth. I have never walked a day in my life." The parking lot erupted again. That was the very first miracle I had ever seen, much less God using me in this capacity. This miracle set my faith and expectation for every situation there after.   -Tara
I don't know Korean... 
This one is from when I was in bible school as well. I was on the Great Awakening Tour with Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne. I was assigned to a retirement home center like I usually was. Our purpose was to tell people about Jesus before they stepped over into eternity. When we got there the lady in charge of groups coming in decided up front that she did not like us. So she followed us around just looking for a reason to kick us out. After the first few rooms we quickly discovered that this was a Korean retirement home center. No one understood a word we were saying. My best friend, Carissa, was with me. She asked if we should stay and keep going or just leave. I was so tempted to leave, it was a bit frustrating having something so important to tell someone without a way to do so. I felt like we should keep going even though my head was saying leave. So I told her to pray in the spirit . Maybe someone will get the interpretation. haha, but really.:) I didn't know what else to do. So we continued room to room with no success. It was almost as if they knew what we had to say was important , but couldn't understand it. It was frustrating on both sides. Some would even cry wanting to know what we were saying. Finally I saw a woman in a wheel chair slumped over in the hall way . I thought maybe she was Hispanic . I saw a light at the end of a tunnel. I don't know all Spanish, but I do know how to tell someone about Jesus and lead them in a prayer to make Him their Lord. So I began speaking and no response. A nurse down the hall saw me talking to her and said "oh honey, she is deaf. " I thought ok, well if she does know Spanish I could mouth it to her and still get her saved. So I asked the nurse what nationality she was, if it's Hispanic I can mouth to her. She said she was Korean, but it wouldn't matter because she has been mute and deaf her entire life.  AGGGHHHHH!!!! Now thoroughly frustrated , I put my hands on her ears (more like grabbed her head out of pure frustration) and said, "Lord let her hear what I'm trying to tell her!" Then all of a sudden she looks up at me with amazement and wonder. She can obviously hear something. Carissa sees and runs over and said to pray for the rest! Pray for the rest!I said ok "Lord, I pray for the rest let her be able to speak and understand what I'm saying." I then proceeded to tell her about Jesus then it came to the part where I invited her to pray after me to ask Jesus into her heart. I said "Dear Lord Jesus" then waited for her to respond. She SAID (in english) "Dear Lord Jesus"!!! leading her in the rest of the prayer was incredible. Not only did this Korean lady who was mute and deaf her entire life speak and hear for the first time ever, she was accepting Jesus as her Lord in ENGLISH! What an amazing miracle!!! 
Remember the lady I told you about that didn't want us there that was following us the entire time? Well right after this happened she grabbed me and practically drug us into an empty room and she told me to stay there. Great... As I was waiting in the room, people began to fill it all facing me. It looked like the entire nursing home was in there. The lady then brought me a mic and an interpreter and told me to tell them! So the interpretation came, just not how I thought it would be. haha. Just think, we almost left and would have never experienced that miracle and would have missed out on getting all those precious people saved. Just when you think about giving up, DON'T!! Your miracle is just on the other side. Do not grow weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap! 
Reserved for Deaf People
So after I saw my first pair of deaf ears open, a few towns later in the Great Awakening Tour I had another opportunity. Once again I was in a retirement home center. This one spoke English, yay! I was in the lunch area sharing about Jesus to a table when I saw a section that was "reserved for deaf people". How awful to have to be labeled and segregated everyday of your life. I was stirred up! I didn't like how that put them in a box. So I excused myself from the table and went over to the "deaf people" table. I asked if I could pray for her. She said yes, her ears were healed and then she called on the name of Jesus. It was wonderful! I remember there being a lady with our team that was in awe over the whole thing and decided to put her career on hold and go to bible school where I was going at the time. Praise God! That lady doesn't have to be segregated any longer and there is no telling what that other lady is doing for the Lord this day. -Tara
You will Live!
I just love this story! There are many aspects to it so stay with me. It's a long story so I will try to make it as short as possible. I was yet again on a Great Awakening Tour. This time in Georgia. I was with my friend Rhonda.  We were assigned to a retirement home center. After sharing with a few people I realized that part of our team had already been there the day before. I decided to leave since that ground had already been covered. On our way back I saw one of the worst accidents I've ever seen. We were coming down the street going one way and this guy on a motorcycle was coming down the other side going the other. He was hit and flew down the road. Seemed like half a football field. It was a hit and run. He had a thin old school tin metal helmet. The entire trip both of us had a feeling we would see a wreck of some sort and would need to help. Systematically with no hesitation Rhonda pulled over I got out of the car and went to him immediately. He was laying face down in a pool of blood. There were no bubbles in it so he was not breathing. By this time a large crowd had gathered including my room mate and her team who was assigned on the other part of the city. The crowd stood back as they looked on the scene. My friends and our team were right in the trenches. There was also an older man that wasn't with us that came up and joined us. He had a Jesus hat on, so I guess you could say he was with us. :)  It smelled like death, it felt like death, this man had absolutely no signs of life. So we began to pray and proclaim "You will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord! You will LIVE! You will LIVE!" Over and over and over. Then I knelt down and grabbed his hand. I began to talk to the Lord. I said "Lord, if this man does not know you bring him back. If his destination is not heaven bring him back so that he can get right with you first" This man had been laying face down in a pool of blood for several minutes now. So I whispered in his ears in faith "If you need to get right with the Lord squeeze my hand as I say this prayer indicating that you are praying with me." (I learned to do this in the nursing homes for those that couldn't speak) All of a sudden there were bubbles in that blood, he was breathing! I'll never forget that first squeeze after I said Dear Lord Jesus. By the time the paramedics got there he had received the Lord and was standing up. I gave my cell number to one of the paramedics asking for his loved ones to call me so I could share what happened. There was about 200-300 people standing around. There was something going on near by. Since I had a crowd there that had witnessed this miracle I yelled" if this had been you today, would you have been ready to step into eternity ? where would you have gone? There is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life today!" That crowd was so quick to call on Jesus after seeing that. After it had settled and the man was gone the gentleman with the Jesus hat on came up to me. He said" you don't understand, I was driving down the road and the Lord told me to pull over and get out of my truck to go pray. " He said that he thought it was strange, but he did it anyway. He opened to Ezekiel 16 where it said there you were wallowing in a pool of blood, yes laying in your own blood. I say Live! So this man pulled up to the scene right after he got done praying seeing this man laying in a pool of blood and there I was saying LIVE!!! The three days later I get a phone call from a woman. It was the wife of the man that got hit. She told me that he only had a few scratches and the doctors were saying that he should have been worse if not dead. I then shared with her about the miracle that had taken place. Not only that he was alive, but that God had strategically placed many Christians around him to pray and that he had called on the name of the Lord. She was in tears. She said, "We use to go to church, but stopped a few months ago. Everything was falling apart" I led her in a prayer of coming back to the Lord and expressed how much God loved them and intervened on their behalf. She was so happy and thankful. It was an honor to be used by God in that capacity that day. How strategic our God is. Rhonda and I were not suppose to be there, my room mate was not suppose to be there, that man with the Jesus hat was not suppose to be there, but we were! God wanted us right there in that very moment for that guy right then. We were suppose to be there! Praise God for HIS timing and HIS purpose. -Tara
Not just through me, but to me
Alright it's my turn. :) This is my one of my healing testimonies. I won't go too much into my personal testimony, but some of it is needed to understand how and why I had been diagnosed with this particular disease. By the way I have no problem sharing what Jesus did for me it is just so much that I'm not sure it would all fit on here. haha 
I was delivered from a long lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. I use to manufacture and sell meth and other drugs. I used every drug known to man at that time. I shot up anything and everything you could. I was seriously lost. I had been in and out of jail over 32 times. The last time I was incarcerated was September 6th 2005. On September 22nd 2005 Jesus Christ came into my jail cell. I gave my life to him that day and I was instantly delivered from that way of life. I've been on fire for God ever since. I literally became a new creation. The old passed away and I was born again!!! I didn't need 12 steps. It was just one, Jesus Christ. I then went on to go to Oral Roberts University, The River Bible Institute, did an internship with Joyce Meyer Ministries Dream Center while finishing my degree in seminary, became an ordained pastor, was part of starting the Oklahoma chapter of a faith based Mothers Against Meth, began preaching in the local county jail, churches, youth camps, I teach  wonderful girls in a group called Missionettes and I'm  very actively involved in my home church Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, OK. I've been clean and serving The Lord for almost 11 years! Praise God!!!!! From the pit to the palace!! Thank you Jesus for the work you have done in me!!!
Ok, I had to take a praise break. So while I was at The River Bible Institute I was diagnosed with an incurable STD. Past sin can still have natural consequences. Praise God Jesus went to the cross to take my sin and the consequences of it. I was so distraught yet knew God could heal me. I had seen God do so much through me already. Now I needed it to me. I remember going to church one morning shortly after I was diagnosed. Pastor Rodney had changed his message that morning and said that he felt like he should preach on healing. He called me out in the middle of the service (not a soul knew what I was battling) He prayed for me, I hit the deck and the tangible presence of God (the fire of God) came all over me. I was on the floor the entire service. God is real and when you have a heavenly encounter with your earthly body, it gives out. The Great Physician put me under while he was working on my body. The next day I was suppose to go get my prescription filled. As I was standing in line the Lord said " If you get this filled you will be on it for the rest of your life, but if you get out of line now you will be healed"  I was next in line after waiting for a while. Then it was my turn. The clerk asked if he could help me. I stood there for a second then said "no, thank you" and got out of line. As I walked back out to my car I felt an empowerment released from the inside of me. I got in my car and just bawled. Not because I was distraught, but because the pressence of God was so precious. All the fears of no one ever wanting to marry me, not having kids were all dispelled. I'm here to tell you that I have one test that says I had an STD that has no cure and I have several tests after that tell me I don't!!! I am married to a wonderful Godly man and I have three beautiful healthy babies. Every time I get pregnant I have tests done and I am reminded of God's healing power. I am healed!!!!! Since then God has used me several times to pray for those that have been diagnosed with incurable diseases, which I will share on this site. So here is the lesson. I was prayed for and the gift of healing manifested, yet I could have negated it the next day. If you really believe something you are going to act like it's true. For me and my situation the Lord had an action for me to follow in order for me to keep my healing. I'm not saying that you shouldn't take your medicine. I am saying what the mother of Jesus said, "Do what ever He tells you to." 
I share my story here because when I was going through this I knew that God heals, but I just needed to here a testimony from someone that had been healed from what I needed. We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY . So I googled and googled, searching for just one person that had been healed from the same thing. From pages and pages of searching I only found one lady. I knew that if God did it for that lady, He would do it for me too. That is when everything turned around for me. I found a testimony, Pastor Rodney prayed for me, then God had instructions for me. All of this together led me to the manifestation of my healing. So my prayer is that whoever needs to hear my story to build their faith does and goes on to receive their healing. -Tara
I don't need that anymore...
I'll never forget the first service that I had when I got back from bible school. I was in the county jail having a chapel service. In the middle of my message I felt the Lord telling me to pray for a woman in a wheel chair. I kept trying to ignore it reasoning in my head. (Why do we sometimes still reason with God even when we have seen miraculous things happen?) I was thinking what if she doesn't get healed then what would people think about God. (this is foolish thinking by the way) Then I started thinking what is she does get healed, what would people think about God then. The enemy will always try to talk you out of doing what God wants you to do. So what if I missed it! I'd rather miss it than miss God. So I stopped in the middle of my message and knelt down placing my hands on her legs. I commanded her to be healed. (thinking in my head I hope this works) Then I stood up and reached for her hand and told her to get up. She began to walk around easily instantly. She left the wheel chair with the guard and told him that she wouldn't be  needing it anymore. Word spread through the jail about this miracle. This lady told everyone what Jesus had done for her. My services increased so much that we had to have service in the middle of the pods in the commons area so that everyone could fit. The Lord gave us favor, this normally wasn't allowed. Praise God , healing is the dinner bell calling all the lost to come in to taste and see that the Lord is GOOD. This was just the beginning! - Tara
A knowing
One service in a jail pod (pod is living quarters in the jail) I was preaching a message when a girl came in. My eyes were fixed on her as I continued, she was highlighted to me. As I continued the Holy Spirit led me to share my personal healing testimony. As I told it she began to weep. I called her up and whispered in her ear that I knew she had herpes, but God was going to heal her. She began to cry even more. I prayed for her and then she left. She came back toward the end of the service. She came in telling everyone how she had been healed. She said as soon as I prayed for her the symptoms completely left. I had several services after that she came to and would come up and share how she had been healed instantly. I'm not sure if you know much about herpes 2, but it is an "incurable" blood disease. Nothing is incurable when the blood of Jesus is applied!!! -Tara
2 for 1
One service there was a faithful lady that was always there. She looked like she was intense pain with a swollen face. So swollen she looked like a chipmunk. She came up to me apologizing saying that she could not stay she was just in too much pain. I asked her what was wrong. She said she had an abscessed tooth and hadn't been able to see a dentist. (medical care can take a while, if you ever get seen in the jail) She wanted to go lay down. I said I completely understand, but let me pray for you before you go. I placed my hands on her face and commanded the swelling to go down and the tooth to be healed. She then left the service to go to bed. The next week she was smiling ear to ear and wanted to share what had happened so I let her have the floor. She said that after I prayed for her she went to bed. when she woke up she wasn't in pain any more and began inspecting her mouth. Her tooth was completely healed and swelling gone. Not only that though. She had been in a wreck years ago where her tooth went through her lip. It had left a visible scar. The scar was completely gone too!!! Praise God!! 2 for 1!! -Tara
No Distance
There was a girl that had been coming for quite some time. In one of her first services she gotten saved, filled with the spirit, set free and on fire for God. She was visibly a changed woman. Her demeanor was completely different. Anyway, one service she came in looking down. I asked her what was wrong. She said that her mother had just been diagnosed with cancer and she felt so helpless because she was in jail and not able to go pray for her. This was so precious because she did have the faith for her mothers healing if she could just lay hands on her. I told her that there was no distance in prayer and that the bible said if we touch and agree that it would be done. She perked up. You could see faith rising up in her. So we prayed for cancer to leave her mothers body in Jesus name. After we prayed I told her to tell her mother that we had prayed and to go back to the doctor to get checked again. A few weeks later I went to her pod to do a service. Before I could start she rushed to come tell me that her mother had been healed and there was no more cancer in her body. This lady had never been treated, no medication, no chemo, no radiation. Nothing, but the prayer of faith in the name of Jesus. The shed blood of Jesus was all she needed. Praise God!!! 
- Tara

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